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Allegra and Casey aren't together?

Asked by Anonymous

Allegra moved away for college

alright dude youre bubbly as fuck and its cute and everyone loves it and im over here sulking in a corner and i dont want to be like this but i need some advice from you babe like how can you keep your head up through so much shit that happens in this world? every time i get over something bad, like a death or losing a job or getting cancer, something else bad smacks me in the face, like getting dumped or crashing my car. its just so hard girl how do you do it :(

Asked by Anonymous

watch the film the secret on netflix. it’s a documentary that will rock your world. live and breathe that“secret”, you’ll have better days soon:) don’t sulk 💗

are you gonna go back to modeling? or you're gonna work somewhere else?

Asked by Anonymous


why don't you use them anymore!

Asked by Anonymous

because I just wash and moisturize now:)

Is Michael nice? I feel like i would be scared of him.

Asked by Anonymous

he’s a friendly lil guy

What's the most important rule you live by?

Asked by Anonymous

treat others how you want to be treated

Heyyyy baby peaches🎀

Asked by Anonymous

hey you🍕

Hi Megan! I was wondering what are cool beaches in malibu for tanning and a place thats quiet not like zuma? Plz let me know and i love ur style! Keep ot up xx

Asked by Anonymous

el matador is pretty :)

How did you start modeling . Where did you go and stuff ?

Asked by Anonymous

I was scouted

Where is Allegra going ?

Asked by Anonymous

she lives in Michigan. I was leaving her

Dose Preston have a tumblr ?

Asked by Anonymous

uhhhh not sure lol

what Mario Badesco products do you use?

Asked by Anonymous

i don’t use them anymore! but I suggest buying the silver powder and healing powder :)

Check out my blog

Asked by darkouniverse



what are your top five fave artists? Im looking for some new music

Asked by Anonymous

i dont have a top 5 but heres a few im into..Fleetwood Mac, Diiv, Kanye, Dr Dog, Mr Oizo, Blood Orange, Title Fight, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys

in what college is michael going?

Asked by Anonymous

go ask him